Date: 2016-03-11 02:43 am (UTC)
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Scott has been updated through the end of Season 5, and thanks to certain events in New Dodge, his timeline will be very similar but events will be sparked by different circumstances.

Once he returns to Beacon Hills, he tells the others about his time in New Dodge, but does not mention Allison's survival. As a result, he ends his relationship with Kira gently, and suffers quietly with Allison's absence, doing his best to keep her close rather than memorializing her with events like the Senior Scribe.

In addition to the problems the pack faces with the Dread Doctors, Stiles helps Scott research his blind rages. They surmise that his time in the Berserker mask is to blame, but only just begin to speculate that he was somehow changed by it before the pack begins to crumble.

In addition to his waning powers, Scott also continues to struggle with the blind rages that have him losing control on a regular basis, and with more frequency the weaker he becomes. Though he remembers what Stiles mentioned to him about the future, the night he learns his best friend killed someone, it's not doubt that drives a wedge between them, but one of those rages where Scott takes him to task, and thoughtlessly accuses him of being as bad as the Nogitsune.

After Scott's death, the pack comes together much the same way, with Stiles and Scott not only mending their fences, but speaking to the Argents and eventually Deucalion about his condition. Gerard speculates that the spirit of the bear may not have left him completely, and Chris warns him that if such is the case, he needs to find a way to tame it or else he will become a new threat.

And, finally, it is not his past memories of Allison that save his life against Sebastien Valet, but his memories of her from New Dodge.

Personality: Scott has become freer with his anger, thanks to dealing with the lingering essence of the Berserker that's changed him. Being weakened for so long seems to have allowed that lingering fury of the bear to take a stronger hold, making him freer with violence in defense of his own.

Notes: Scott will flux in and bring nothing with him. He will flux out for approximately fifteen hours.
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