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Player's Name: Liz/EC

Characters Played Here: None! I is brand new. :D

Character: Scott McCall

Series/Canon: TEEN WOLF

From When? Just after the events of the Season 4 finale.

Previous Game(s): Here on Dreamwidth, I'm currently a member of City of Darrow, The Last Voyages, and Amat Omnes. On Livejournal, I currently play in Gotham: Year One, and have previously played in Hearts and Minds.

World Description: N/A

History: Wiki article, secondary wiki article, Wikipedia article about the show, featuring extended info on Scott McCall


At first blush, Scott seems to be an unremarkable young man, albeit a very nice boy. That innate goodness, however, runs far deeper than it seems. What many, even Scott, have seen as flaws in his character are, in fact, his greatest strengths, qualities that have matured and flourished in the wake of becoming a werewolf. A reluctance to break the rules and play it safe has grown into an unshakable sense of moral value, the gentle nature that served him in working with animals has revealed a deep-seated sense of compassion for all living things, and an honest desire to avoid harming even his enemies if it can at all be helped, and his innocent naivete is a faith in the world and the people in his life that is so deep-seated, so natural for him, it both opens him up to being hurt and strengthens him with every bond of friendship or pack that he forms.

These basic qualities are so strong, so pervasive in Scott's nature, they have allowed him to rise above the humble beginnings of being a Beta werewolf to claim an Alpha's power without death or bloodshed as a True Alpha. To be an Alpha is also to be a leader, however. It requires making the hard choices, ensuring the obedience of his pack, and protecting his territory and the people in it. Unwittingly, Scott has demonstrated these qualities time and again, without even realizing that he has been building his leadership skills along the way. Ensuring the obedience of his pack, he has done through loyalty and love, earning their trust in his judgment rather than using power to claim it because every member of his pack is someone he loves without measure: Stiles, Allison, and Lydia: his best friend, his first love, and a friend who has stood loyally by his side through one dangerous situation after another. As for making tough decisions...he does not do this well. However, he does have the ability to make them in varying degrees. When lives are on the line, or he is faced with the possibility of hurting someone, Scott struggles with the choices he faces as a leader, such as he did when he became a pawn in Gerard Argent's game to steal an Alpha's bite from Derek Hale. There are certain choices that come easier, however: the choice to stand his ground and stand alone if that's what it takes to do so, the choice to protect the people he loves, and the choice to keep his word...even if his word ends with a promise to kill if necessary, as he promised he would kill Deucalion should he ever see him again after he gained his Alpha powers for the first time.

Despite the purity of Scott's nature, he is as flawed as any other individual, beyond his difficulty with the tough decisions leadership requires of him. He has, inadvertently, counteracted these weaknesses by forging a pack that can succeed where Scott would likely fail. Though he can think quickly in a crisis, generally speaking Scott is a boy of average intelligence, and can be a little slow on the uptake at times, and in many social situations can be easily overwhelmed. Developing a close relationship with Lydia Martin, a born socialite and genius level intellect, helps him compensate for this deficit, as does having Stiles Stilinski as his best friend. Like Lydia, Stiles is exceptionally intelligent, albeit not on par with Lydia's intellect, but his eye for detail and his detective's mind often compensate for Scott's occasional lack of observational skills, as his sarcastic outlook and the hint of cynicism in his personality are a buffer for Scott's natural predisposition towards trusting absolutely everyone. While she was alive, Allison was ruthless where Scott was overly compassionate, and a balance to his short temper. Where Allison's rage goes to a cold, focused place, Scott can be prone to flying off the handle if his loved ones are threatened, or his wolf is goaded into taking control of his reason, and having served as Scott's anchor to control his shift, she was more skilled than most in helping Scott, and later other wolves, find their inner calm. Kira now serves that purpose, with a serene and quiet nature to counter the volatile fire of Scott's temper that can catch like wildfire if he is pushed too far.

There are, of course, flaws that not even the closest members of his pack can compensate for. One such flaw is the lack of confidence Scott is prone to having in himself and his own abilities. Inherent to his decent nature, Scott lacks ego, but this can often be carried to a fault when he either does not realize he has the capacity to deal with a given situation, or struggles with the conflict between absolute conviction and the helplessness that comes from seeing no real way he can stand his ground, as he struggles with when he vows that no one else on the deadpool will die, but does not know how he will stop it from happening. Another such flaw is his inability to get past his mistakes and failures, things which he steadfastly cannot forgive himself for. The transformation of Liam Dunbar is one example where, thoughtlessly and in the heat of a crisis, he bit and turned a human. Along with a sense of responsibility for a new Beta, Scott was so driven to make sure Liam had the help that Scott did not in learning to live with his condition, he went to extreme measures to make Liam mind him...including tying him up in his room. The most prominent example of Scott being unable to move past a failure, however, is the guilt he harbors over the death of his first love, Allison. Throughout the deaths in Season 4, each one weighs on him visibly, as her death weighs on him. His vow to make sure nobody dies is very likely heavily influenced by his failure to protect her, and his need to protect the rest of his pack, all of whom are listed on the deadpool.

Speaking to Scott's most recent traumas, all of this will factor into how he reacts to life in New Dodge. He will have accepted Eli's offer as a means of escape from all he has endured, seeking a fresh start in an unknown place. He will enter into the contract expecting his pack will not be there, and though he will be glad to see them when he arrives in game, this will lead to Scott suffering a great deal of guilt over his decision to, essentially, run away from his problems. In truth, however, Scott is on the verge of a burnout, which we are currently witnessing in Season 5, and the time away from the trials and tribulations of Beacon Hills is something he desperately needs if he hopes to be able to protect his city and his pack from the dangers the Nemeton draws into their lives.

Does your character have any close ties to existing canon characters? N/A

Why do you think your character would work in this setting?As previously mentioned, Scott accepts Eli's offer as a knee-jerk reaction to the events in Season 4. After being sublimated by the power of the Berserkers, nearly killing his own pack, and fighting Peter in a serious battle for his own Alphahood, Scott is reaching a psychological breaking point. He takes the deal, with every intention of staying only the contracted six months he signed up for, but made the decision knowing in his heart that he might not go back. It might be that a new life is what he needs, what will save his sanity...and it will take a great deal for him to admit as much to anyone, even his pack, that he believes he is a coward...when he is, quite simply, in dire need of an interlude where he can live a simpler life, work hard, and see some reward for his effort, including the reward of safety and shelter for a little honest labor.

How do you plan to expand their CR? Scott isn't the world's biggest social butterfly, but when he does connect to people it's always meaningful because he honestly, truly cares about everyone he meets. To that end, Scott may actually seek out those who knew his previous iterations in game to check on them, feeling responsible for their welfare. In terms of plots, I feel that fallout from the influence of the Berserkers from Season 4 could lead to a plot that expands his CR, and possibly even pulling some events from Season 5 into the setting, such as the return of Scott's asthma due to his lack of confidence.

What will your character do for work? Scott will try to continue school while in New Dodge, but in terms of employment he will look to his friends, and if all else fails, seek some form of medical employment. If there is a veterinary clinic, he will do well there, but his basic knowledge of first aid could also help him work medically with humans. His ability to take pain could also serve him in that capacity.


- backpack containing:
* all the clothes (underwear included) he could fit, plus a second pair of shoes and some toiletries
* a written copy of the Argent family bestiary
* a USB copy of the same
* a book on Japanese mythology
* one of Allison's remaining silver arrowheads
* his dirtbike (if allowed! :D)


Third-Person Sample:

He hasn't been in New Dodge for quite a day yet. So far, he's unpacked, settled into his yurt...and slept.
For about eighteen hours, he slept. He knows, because he checked the time when he finally woke up.
He doesn't exactly feel better when he finally sits up in bed, raking his hands through his hair and trying to will himself back to alertness. His eyes feel crusty, no matter how hard he rubs them, and he feels vaguely feverish. It's the too tight, all over warmth and discomfort he associates with fever, or sometimes with the kind of extreme exhaustion that's so intense, he can't even regulate his own body temperature anymore.

He knows that some of it is in his head. It's psycho—psychic--there's a word for it, but Lydia isn't here to ask. The damage, the weariness, it's all in his head, and so he feels it in his body. It's like the wound that nearly killed him from the bank, when Allison stitched him up at a rest stop. His werewolf healing will handle the physical damage he will make him well again, restore him back to full strength.

It won't, however, make him forget about the alien power that wiped out everything he was for a period...the alien power that nearly drove him to kill his friends, to kill his own Beta.

Scott finally rolls out of bed, takes a shower, and changes into fresh clothes. After that, he decides that he doesn't necessarily feel better, but he feels a little less frayed, less like he's about to fall apart or fly off the handle. With the grit of travel and sleep rinsed from his eyes and body, and the quiet tranquility of the yurt soaking into his bones, he feels a little more distance between himself and the mask that feels kind of like it stole his soul for a while.

He doesn't feel awake and alert enough to call the way he feels energized...but he does feel a little more like Scott McCall again.

And, as he looks around his yurt, he feels a smile rising on his features.

“Yeah,” he murmurs to himself with a little nod, “this could be cool.”

First-Person Sample:

To Who Whom It May Concern:

My name is Scott McCall, and I'm inquiring about the job opening at your clinic. I'm sorry I had to leave a note, but you weren't in, and I'm kind of desperate for the work. If I'm going to make it here, I need to be able to earn my keep.

I have previous experience working for a vet, so I'm qalif qualified. I can't exactly give you references, since my old boss isn't even in this galaxy, but I can direct you to people in New Dodge who can vouch for my job history. What I don't know, I'm willing to learn, and I'm not afraid to do stuff that may not be in the job description. I do need the money, but I also love animals. I just want to be able to help as much as I can.

I'll come back tomorrow to try and see you again, but if you want to get ahold of me, I'm in yurt A.1. I'm still getting the hang of using the TC's, sorry.
Thank you for your time, and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Scott McCall


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