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Hey! Scott here, leave a message and I'll get back to you. Uh...thanks!

[Voicemails or real world messages can be left here for the muse! Don't worry, he doesn't bite. Honest. But he may wag his tail and lick your face, just sayin'.]
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Scott, when you get a chance do you think we can talk.

[She's been thinking about this ever since he re-showed up. Ever since her talk with Thomas. She also promised Thomas that she'd talk to him about him as well.]
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I can always come by your yurt. After all, I want to be able to talk to you alone. No interruptions.

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Re: [response: text]

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I'm on my way now.

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[Here, Scott, have a smiling huntress who is outside for the moment.]

Hey, handsome. What're you going as for Halloween? We can match up and go on a double date with Stiles and Lydia.
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Re: [video]

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They're doing a 50s thing. Poodle skirts and greasers. She was talking about how we could be cute as Tarzan and Jane.

[She gives a slight laugh to that]

Or we could do Antony and Cleopatra. Unless you want to be a gangster having his lady on his arm.

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Re: [video]

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[She tries not to laugh at his reaction to the whole thing about the loincloth.]

They could be fun.

[Though when his eyes widen she can't help but grin]

I like that idea better. Robin Hood and Maid Marion. Only you know... one that can kick Robin Hood's ass.
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Re: [video]

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Don't worry, Scott, she won't kick Robin Hood's ass too much. Because she does love him.

[She gives a smile and shakes her head]

More than he'll ever realize.

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11/28 Video;

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[It took a lot for her to admit she was wrong about someone. After her talk with Allison and seeing how upset he'd been after her client went overboard...she could see she'd made a mistake. Her head was lowered as she contacted Scott, thoroughly ashamed as she thought through the time she's known him.]


I'm sorry. I haven't been fair to you and I see now that I made a big mistake. I know I probably can't make it up to you, but I'd like to try.
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Re: 11/28 Video;

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[Whimpering in the back of her throat, she curls in on herself a little more. Damn him for being so understanding...she could handle yelling and even being hit, it was what she was used to, she was still adjusting to genuine kindness though.]

I need to do something for you. I know you don't want me, but I want to bring you meat or something. Allison was right, you're not like the people from my home, not like my parents. You haven't tried to use your power to sleep with me or even raised a hand against me when I've stepped out of line and probably earned it.

I don't know how to handle someone being this nice sometimes and I lash out...I was so sure you were getting ready to kick me out, that you didn't think I was worth the trouble. Seeing how upset you were when you saw how rough my client got though, it made me see that you really...aren't like my mentors. You would have cared if he took things too far.
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Re: 11/28 Video;

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[She nodded once, looking away for a moment.]

...He wasn't supposed to take it that far, couldn't have paid enough for that. He was allowed to choke me, but not to where I blacked out. I could have fought him, probably could have broke free if I tried harder. All I felt though, once the panic was gone, was relief. I was scared I was losing the pack, losing you, I didn't want to go through that again. [For that moment, she thought she'd sooner die than lose everything again.]

I'd like that. Both. Never really been around a cow before though.

...And if I never have to go back the the asylum, I'd appreciate it so much.
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Re: 11/28 Video;

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[Smirking, she nodded with a chuckle.]

Yeah, I'm...I'm getting that. I just worry that I mess up sometimes. I'm trying, but Peter was particular about rules and I remember what you said about hurting people in town.
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Re: 11/28 Video;

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I'll try. It still feels like I'm asking for help when I do that and I feel like I shouldn't have to ask for help. Like I'm doing something wrong and should figure it out on my own.
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Dude. You and me, we need to talk about what happened during the gremlin attack.
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You were out of control.
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1/17 | Private

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Scott...Not sure if I'm out of line, but you may want to keep an eye on Hester. She threatened me, but I'm more worried for the pack members not as cautious as I am.
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[She's silently basking in the praise.]

Yeah well, threats of crushed glass and toxins in food is something we take serious even in Panem.
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Only problem with that? They'll never believe me, Scott. Ever. You and Allison are the only ones that have even tried recently.

If they do believe me, it's because I started it and I'm still in trouble.
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Re: 1/17 | Private

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...Fine. But don't be surprised when they ask you.